1.   Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Yes, we now offer different online payment options.  
Click here to learn more or to make your secure online payment.

2.   Where can I pay my bill?

Payments can be made online or payments can be mailed to PO Box 4486, Woodland Park, CO 80866.  Payments can also be placed in the drop box in the door of the pump house at 187 Lakeview Circle.

3.   How is my water bill calculated?

The (2024) minimum bill is $47.70 for usage from 0-2,000 gallons. Usage over 2,001 gallons increases the amount of the bill according to a tiered rate structure.  For example: the bill for 4,000 gallons is $58.56, 6,000 gallons would be $73.76, 8,000 gallons would be $93.30, 10,000 gallons would be $217.18, 12,000 gallons would be $295.44, 14,000 gallons would be $335.02.  Usage above 8001 gallons are assessed a Conservation fee of $100.00, above 10,001 the fee is $150.00, above 12,001 gallons the fee is $175.00, above 14,001 gallons the fee is $200.00, above 16,001 gallons the fee is $225.00, above 18,001 gallons is $325.00 and 20,001 gallons is $550.00 plus a shut off is scheduled.  A posting fee of $200.00 is assessed for any account that is in arrears of 2 months or more and is posted with a 72 hour notice.

4.   Why is there a minimum bill if there is no water usage?

The rate structure is designed to generate enough revenue to effectively pay off the District’s debt and operate the water system.

5.   What charges are included in the monthly bill and when is the bill due?

Water usage and fees from the 16th of prior month to 15th of current month, due on 15th of next month.

6.   Why is my water usage so high?

Watering in dry months, leaks, or a toilet that does not shut off after flushing are examples.

7.   Why did I get charged a late fee?

The district collects and date stamps payments upon receipt.  Payments that are not received by the 20th of the month are assessed a late fee.

8.   I plan on renting my house.  Will the bill go to the tenant or myself as owner? 

The bill can go to the owner or the tenant.  However, if the bill is to be sent to the tenant, a third party agreement is necessary and a $200.00 deposit is required.  Please provide the new address for the owner.

9.   I will be gone for the winter and want to know how pay bill when I won’t get mail?

Some homeowners just send in an amount each month higher than their normal bill or they sometimes prepay an amount based on the length of time they plan to be away.

10.   Should I notify the water district if my phone number or mailing address changes?

Yes, this is very helpful and advantageous.  There are times when the district attempts to contact customers to advise them on excessive water usage or provide details of restoration activities in the event of an outage.

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