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The Westwood Lakes Water District is a State of Colorado Special District that pumps, treats, and distributes water from the aquifer to the residents of Westwood Lakes Estates, a few adjacent properties, and the City of Woodland Park.

The pumping and treatment facility have been upgraded and a large storage tank installed. These upgrades provide a high level of fire protection and a reliable delivery system.

The duty of the Water Board is to ensure that water of the highest possible quality is delivered with the least possible disruption and at the lowest cost consistent with quality and service.

Westwood Lakes Water District
P.O. Box 4486
Woodland Park, CO 80866
Phone: 719-687-9790
Emergency Number: 719-200-1797

E-mail:  admin@westwoodlakeswater.org

Notice:  WLWD COVID-19 Customer Statement

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